Plastic components in the medical industry

Medical Components: Production of Plastic Parts for Medical Applications

Plastic components are essential in the medical field for the functionality and safety of devices and equipment. T.S.T. excels in the production of such components, using advanced technology and careful processes to meet the needs of the health care industry.

Experience and Innovation

The Importance of Medical Components in the Healthcare Sector

Componenti in plastica nel campo medico

Medical components, particularly plastic parts, are critical for a wide range of applications in the health care industry.

The production of these components requires precision, reliability, and guarantees in terms of the mechanics, chemistry, and biology of the product. T.S.T. is a leading manufacturer of medical components, thanks to its clean room and high standards of noncontamination adopted.

Cutting-edge technologies

The Molding Process of Medical Components

To produce high-quality medical components, T.S.T. uses advanced molding techniques and takes advantage of the controlled environment of its clean room. This process ensures that components are made without contamination while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

Produzione di componenti medical in materiali plastici

Among the components we produce for the medical sector are:

Tailored and reliable solutions

T.S.T. Medical Products.

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T.S.T. and the Medical Industry

With our experience and expertise in manufacturing medical components, we have become a reliable partner for the medical industry.

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