38 years
of experience
in the injection molding of
thermoplastic articles

T.S.T. S.r.l. / Plastics Technologies is a structured organization with the know-how to provide ‘customized’ solutions for the customer:

  • Engineering & industrialization of the product;
  • Designing of the mold and related equipments;
  • Rapid prototyping & metal replacement;
  • Construction of mono-injection, bi-injection and tri-injection molds;
  • Mold trial and production of mono and bi-injection thermoplastic articles;
  • Production in clean room and grey room.


Co-Design &

Design and support the engineering and industrialization of new components in order to get the specifications and performances required.


Design and manufacturing of mono-injection, bi-injection and tri-injection molds using the most advanced technologies and high-quality steels.







Production of mono, bi-injection and over-molding precision products, with full electric, hybrid and hydraulic machines, in gray room or clean room.

Assembly and

Complementary manufacturing processes in order to deliver finished products to our customers, ready to be sold.



• Safety belt retractors, buckles and pretensioners

• Air-bag components

• Solar and fuel sensors

• Car sockets

• Lighters

• Dashboard commands keys

• Closure system parts

• Fluid control systems components

Medical devices

• Hemodialysis assembled components

• Cardio surgery components

• Valves and fluid control systems components

• Connectors

• Filters

• Cosmetic part

Electronic & Appliances

• Connectors

• Coils

• Keypad

• Gears

• Levers

• Workings

• Water pumps and electric engines parts

• Washing-up dispensers

• Combustion system components

• Gas modulation

• Gas measuring sensors and components