The new toolshop has a specialized department for the design and manufacturing of molds using the most advanced technologies and high-quality steels.

We produce mono-injection, bi-injection and tri-injection molds, In Mold labeling molds (IML), overmolding molds for plastic and metal inserts, assembly lines and spare parts for molds.

The planning of the order is entirely handled by the interior management software: feasibility, design, manufacturing and construction’s hours are some datas recorded by the software. The state of the job is monitored in real time and data are forwarded to the customer with a Gantt chart to inform about milestones and achievements.
The use of specific CAE (Moldflow Adviser®) and the latest analysis’s techniques allow the department to optimize the project in terms of productivity and quality of the finished product.
The toolshop is equipped with the latest generation of milling machines 3 and 5 axes connected to the CAD-CAM system, EDM and WEDM and other equipments for the maintenance, modification and fine-tuning of each type of mold.

Technical department equipment

  • Wire AGIE
  • Milling machine at high speed 3 axis HAAS
  • Milling machine at high speed 3 axis DMG Mori
  • Milling machine at high speed 5 axis Ingersoll
  • Tangential grinding machine
  • Electric discharge grill C.R. TECH.
  • Coordinated measuring machine COORD3
  • Integrated management system and integrated automatic robot JMSPro EROWA

Tools & automation

1k (mono-injection) mold

High technical grade molds for pre-series, small series or high volume productions. Hardened and high quality steel.

2k (bi-injection) mold

Molds for specific aesthetic and performance needs, sealing and waterproofing. Use of two different thermoplastic materials.

3k (three-injection) mold

Molds for specific requests for application and use of three different thermoplastic materials.

Customized assemby lines

Deisgn and creation of special equipment and automatic lines for the assembly and testing of any industrial product