Industrialization & tool design


From small productions with pilot molds to large productions with definitive tools, T.S.T. S.r.l. makes its versatility a weapon winning.
The company designs and produces molds based on customer needs, providing support in the engineering of new components to obtain the specifications and performances required.
The product development phase in co-design with the customer allows complete customization of the component and the mold. The design knowledge makes possible the creation of innovative products, reducing development time and ensuring higher quality and reliability.
One of the strength’s points of T.S.T. S.r.l. is the professional expertise of technical department. Together with our customers we are able to optimize the design of finished product and provide a reliable and long lasting solution.


Our approach to co-design aims to support the client in a process that begins with the optimal choice of materials, with the study of 3D design, with the choice of the proper design to ensure product performances and a high trustability of the production process.


The technology of thermoplastic materials has achieved remarkable results in terms of mechanical performance, thus leading to an optimization of lightness, strength, cost and durability of articles traditionally made with metal alloys.


The three-dimensional scanning of the samples allows the re-engineering and the design of a new product: improved, more powerful and economical. Starting from the particular or the existing prototype we are able to recreate the 3d math to redesign existing products.


The Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing or rapid prototyping, is the process of melting materials to create objects from stratification of plastic materials.

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