The Company


T.S.T. S.r.l., established in 1982, it began as a silk-screen and thermo-impression activity before specializing in injection molding few years later, the current core business.
In parallel to the injection molding of thermoplastics components with mono and bi-injection machines, the company has a structured technical and design departement that, together with the toolshop, allow to support the customer in the process of co-design, mold-flow analysis, molds construction  and related equipments needed for processing and testing of products. The engineering experience and technical know-how are the strongest points to complete a “customer focused” service. 

The company is also equipped with an clean room ISO 7 certified 13485, a controlled environment for the production, assembly and testing of components for medical devices.

Due to a brilliant technological and structural growth, T.S.T. S.r.l. incorporates innovation and highly automated processes as business strategy.

We are aware of the challenging market, for this reason, our goal is to pursue the continous improvement using the concept of prevention and “Lesson learning” .
The Quality Management System has been consolidated in compliance with certifications IATF 16949:2016, UNI CEI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016.
The company aims to provide a complete service, reliable and efficient for the management of each production phase: the co-design of the component, the construction of the mold, the production of technoplastics articles for several applications and the various assembly processes and post-processing.


The beginning from the garage of Sergio Barella


The first production plant


The second production plant: T.S.T. moved to Volpiano (Turin hinterland)


Establishment of the T.S.T. Toolshop


The first 2k (bi-injection) molding machine


Expansion and modernization of the centralized dehumidification and distribution system for raw materials


Establishment of the Clean Room ISO 7


Expansion of finished products warehouse




T.S.T. S.r.l. is an organization structured to provide technical solutions “tailored” for customer’s needs: from engineering to industrialization, from project development to the construction of the molds, from production to product quality certification.


The company continuously invests in updating and training people. Our team, made of expertise specialists, is able to provide an efficient service in the whole industrial development: from the initial design choices to the most complex productions.


The internal experience adds value to complex products. During the co-design we support and assist customers in order to find the most suitable solution, in particular for high-technical products with functional and aesthetics requirements.

Business process